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A roof leak can go unnoticed for months, slowly damaging your home without alerting you to its problem. The accumulation of debris in gutters and on roofs increases the likelihood of a leak or other issue. As part of our maintenance program, we will clear your roof of harmful debris and identify early issues before they turn into major roofing problems. As part of our full menu of roofing services, we hope you’ll consider our maintenance program as a way to enjoy greater cost savings over time.



Get more out of your roof when you sign up for our maintenance program. We’ll head out to your property on a routine basis to conduct general cleaning and maintenance activities.Program services include:

  • Leaf and debrisclearing. We will remove all debris from your roof and gutter system to reduce the risk of improper draining and moisture damage.
  • A full inspection. Our maintenance crew will examine your roof, inside and out, to identify possible issues. After the inspection, we may make recommendations for your roof’s health, including trimming back trees and repairing any damaged areas.
  • Make small repairs. In addition to cleaning and inspecting the roof, we will conduct small maintenance activities, including shoring up sealants, replacing missing shingles, and hammering in any loose nails inside and out. If we need to perform any added-cost repairs, we will always discuss the situation with you first.

When you invest in our maintenance program, you may eliminate the need for emergency repair work and extend the total life of your roof. Prepare for future costs and discover more value in your roof when you partner with Bay 101 Roofing for all your roofing needs.


Our cost-effective maintenance program can deliver peace of mind for new roofs and old. With regular cleanings and inspections, you can rest easy knowing your roof will perform well throughout the year. For more information on our maintenance program, contact the team at (408) 957-0531.

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