June 24, 2017

DOES YOUR HOME “BREATHE” PROPERLY? Help it breathe with low-profile ventilation solutions.

No, we’re not crazy. Your home has life and needs to breathe. Perhaps you are one of those people who consider the kitchen as the heart of your house, and you are probably right; but did you know the roof is your home’s lungs? As professional roofers, we are aware this.

Every home must have a proper ventilation system that allows a balanced exchange between the amount of air intake and the amount of exhaust, which will protect your attic from excess heat, as well as moisture, ice dams, and even attic rot or mildew.
As roofing professionals, we understand that a properly ventilated attic helps the building to breathe fresh air and expel the hot, humid air that causes so much damage to the building. However, not everyone knows this, which ends up generating sealed air outlets once house painters, gutter installers, inexperienced contractors and even the same homeowners, cover the ventilation channels. That is when the “solution” turns into a bigger problem.

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Two options and a breath of fresh air

One of the easiest and most economical repair choices is the non-soffit intake vents. These can be incorporated directly into the existing roofing, especially in houses where ventilation channels are scarce or poorly functioning.
And yes, you probably think that repairs are always expensive or that it is not the best moment to deal with extra repair expenses, but CALM DOWN AND BREATHE DEEPLY, there are solutions for every pocket, and when dealing with roofing we are happy to help you. The following are two repair alternatives to improve the roofing structure and give a touch of fresh air to your home:

  • Shingle-over attic ventilation: If the ventilation problem is severe and your home is on the verge of respiratory arrest, this is the best option. Correctly installed, it blends perfectly with the ceiling appearance without endangering its aesthetics, and at the same time, it provides an extensive ventilation route for your home.
  • Fascia vents: These are also excellent options to provide home ventilation. They are placed on the top of the fascia, right behind the roofline boards, which makes them invisible to the eye. Fascia vents not only protect the roof, but also your home, by not allowing insects and birds to come in.

Ventilating your home is not a problem you can solve by simply opening the windows. Roofing construction and its maintenance are essential to ensure a fresh home.
No matter which of the two options above is the right one for you, both are excellent choices. Whether you choose shingle-over or fascia intake ventilation, there will be no need to remodel the soffits or endanger your roof with improvised constructions.

Let the experts do the hard work. Your lungs and those of your house will thank you.

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